Why Limitless Branding Co? | Limitless Branding Co.

Humble Beginnings

Limitless Branding Co, originally Stitch Craft Embroidery, started from humble beginnings in 2014 with an embroidery machine in cramped basement next to a washing machine. We began by making hats for a friend who had a growing small business. He gave me one piece of advice that we have held onto to this day: “Only do quality.” Soon his industry colleagues started asking where he got them and I started receiving referrals, from all over the country. Within a year Stitch Craft had become my full time job.

After that first year I grew tired of turning away potential jobs from clients inquiring about screen printing and we jumped in the world of tee shirts. I approached it the way I had approached embroidery, pursing perfection with the our rule of thumb to never put out a product that you wouldn’t be proud to wear yourself. Soon we had grown into just about every process there is in the decorated garment industry: Screen printing, applique, foil printing, embroidery, heat transfer, and direct to garment (DTG). A one stop shop for all of your custom apparel needs and we started to solidify what we stand for, quality work with unbeatable customer service at competitive prices.

In our pursuit of making our clients lives easier we noticed yet another void. They could get all of their apparel in one spot but still needed to coordinate with multiple other vendors for their other branded products. Getting ready for an event? You need to deal with a sign shop for banners, another company for cards, another for promotional items, and they all need your artwork, they all have different turnaround times and requirements. Business owners and event coordinators have enough to deal with in preparation for an event, it was time for someone to step up and provide a solution.

Limitless Branding Co. was born. We are your true one stop shop for all of your branded items, your physical marketing solution and are extremely proud of our track record. We have “Never sacrifice quality for speed” on our wall, yet have never missed a deadline. It means long nights and even a couple times driving hundreds of miles late at night to hand deliver a rush order. Going above and beyond whenever possible is the reason we are not just still here, but thriving. We stand by our moniker, our guiding principle, “High quality work with unbeatable service at competitive prices.”

We are truly grateful for all of our clients, big and small, past and present. Your referrals got us to where we are today and we want to sincerely say thank you.

Graphic Design

Each process we offer has it’s own limitations, because of the many times adjustments need to be made to designs. In most shops that means either paying a graphic designer to edit your design or having the shop do it for you for a fee. With industry giants, it means they are going to print what you send regardless of quality. Don’t have vector art or high res png with transparent background? Don’t know what that means? Too bad, they’re too busy raking in cash from unsuspecting buyers to reach out and make sure you are getting a quality finished product.

At Limitless Branding Co. we care. Every shirt we print, every hat we embroider, we ask ourselves if this is something we would proudly wear. Quality matters and it starts with the artwork. Because this is so important to us, we offer the first hour of graphic design free with purchase of any of our products. We’re happy to touch up your design and send you the finished file if you need it for your website or other digital marketing. We want to help you take your brand to the next level.