Apparel | Limitless Branding Co.

We’re dedicated to fulfilling all of your custom apparel needs. To do so, we use the latest processes as well as the long standing staples of the industry to make sure you’re getting the best products out there to represent your vision and your brand.

Screen Printing

Screen printing, or silk screening, has been around for over 700 years. It’s a proven process that has stood the test of time, and so do the prints. Best suited for higher quantities and orders where exact color matching is necessary. The pricing structure is based on the number of print colors, or screens, needed and the total quantity.

MOQ: 12 pcs.
Setup Fees: Yes

Pros: Longevity of the print. Color matching. Low cost per print on longer runs.

Cons: Setup fees can add up for multi color jobs and is not especially cost effective for smaller orders.


Embroidery is a high end process that adds a level of professionalism and class to your brand. In some cases 3D embroidery can be achieved which can really set you apart from the competition. There are limitations with this process like minimum line thickness but don’t worry, our experts will with work with you and help you find the optimal way to bring your design to life. Pricing is based on number of stitches in your design and the total quantity.

MOQ: 12 Pcs.
Setup Fees: One time digitizing fee for new designs.

Pros: It will last as long as the garment! Thousands of color options. Low minimums. Free Color changes.

Cons: Some elements of some designs need to be simplified or eliminated to achive a clean stitch out. Higher end of the pricing scale.


The newcomer in the industry, DTG is a full color CMYK+W process. What that means is anything you could print from your regular inkjet printer can be printed directly onto the shirt, no limits to the number of colors and no setup fees. Pricing is based on quantity and the size of the print.

MOQ: None
Setup Fees: None

Pros: Cost effective way to get full color prints on smaller runs. Soft hand. Can almost rival screen printing with longevity of the print. Great for fulfilment services.

Cons: Cannot PMS color match. Limited to colors within the CMYK spectrum. Will only work on 100% cotton. Not ideal for larger runs.


HTV, or heat transfer vinyl, has come a long way and isn’t just for jerseys anymore. Ideal for smaller runs with simple designs or for orders with customized elements like names and numbers. This category also includes specialty processes like foil, 3M reflective, and glitter.

MOQ: None
Setup Fees: None

Pros: Long lasting. Solid, vibrant colors. Perfect for adding customization to individual garments.

Cons: There are artwork limitations. Some designs are too complex to work with. Can only do 1-2 colors per print and there is no color matching.

3D Emblems

3D Emblems are the newest and coolest things on the market! Availble in metallic or matte finish, flat, domed (pictured), beveled, or flat.

MOQ: 50
Setup Fees: $52 (One Time)

Pros: UNIQUE and beautiful new decorating process. Full color availabel.

Cons: Pricy and higher minimums